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The Naples Cemetery Committee consists of the following volunteers:

Katie Cash-Staley

Susan Greenblatt

Kathy Keinath

Brenda Leo

This great team and some dedicated helpers have worked tirelessly to restore the Naples Village cemetery fence. A huge shout out to Charles Gondell who recreated and recast all the finials and embellishments needed. Raul Freyre was always willing to lend a helping hand with whatever needed to be done. Susan and Mark Greenblatt scraped, primed and painted the fence. Aubuchon Hardware donated tools necessary to secure the footings. Great Northern Docks donated pipes to replace missing fencing. We would be remiss if we did not thank our Select Board and former Town Manager, John Hawley, for their encouragement and support. Please take a minute and stop by the cemetery.

Pictured - Thanks to Caleb Humphrey and Chip Keinath who attached most of the finials.

We have one more corner to complete.

Visit our Ordinances Page for access to the Cemetery Ordinance.