Dog Friendly Locations in the Area

Town of Naples Owned

  • Preserve at Muddy River- water access, carry in/out, leash required, short trail network, picnic area, 2.3 miles from town center
  • Trickey Pond-water access, carry in/out, leash required, short trail network, picnic area, 2.5 miles from town center
  • Edes Falls-water access, carry in/out, leash required, picnic area, 2.4 miles from town center

Town of Naples maintained-State owned

  • Directly east of Causeway by flagpole, water access, carry in/out, leash required, walking distance to Naples center

Jugtown Forest, Casco- 5000 acres, water access(streams), privately owned by Hancock Lumber. Trails are shared with ATV, bicycles, horses and snowmobiles, check website for closures, rules and regulations for use. 4.5 miles

Town of Raymond-DIFW

  • Morgan Meadows- 1072 acres, water access, network of trails, 9.1 mi (trailhead in Gray)

Loon Echo

  • Hacker’s Hill- Casco-open May until October, closed Tuesday and Thursdays, leash required, carry in/out,27 acres, expansive view, 3.3 miles
  • Mayberry Hill Preserve-Casco-60 acres, on leash or recall, 6 miles
  • Bald Pate-Bridgton 481 acres, 3.3 mile loop, rated moderate, 820’ elevation gain, carry in/out, leash required, 5.6 miles
  • Pleasant MT-Bridgton/Denmark-2064 acres, carry in/out, leash required, rated moderate/advanced, 1512’ elevation gain, numerous trails up, great views and blueberries in season, 10-16 miles depending on trail head
  • Raymond Community Forest-Raymond-356 Acres, 4 miles of trails, good views, carry in/out, leash required after 9am, 9.5 miles
  • Crooked River Forest-Harrison- 409 acres, water access, trails meander along the  river bank, carry in/out, on leash/ on command, 10.1 miles
  • Tiger Hill Community Forest-Sebago-1400 acres, water access, on leash/on command, carry in/out, 7.4 miles
  • Perley Mills Community Forest-Denmark, Bridgton, Sebago- 1730 acres, water access, on leash/on command, carry in/out, three miles of narrow gauge trails, 11.7 miles 
  • Peabody Fitch Woods-Bridgton- Surrounds Narramissic Farm owned by the Bridgton Historical Society, 252 acres, 2.5 miles of trails, carry in/out, Dogs must be leashed on Peggy’s Pasture Loop, 8.3 miles
  • Pondicherry Park- Bridgton - 66 acres in center of town, only one trail allows dogs, leash required, carry in/out, 8.9 miles (parking lot behind Magic Lantern)
  • Narramissic Farm -  25 acres, close to the large parking lot you’ll find the kiosk for the trail system. 46 Narramissic Road, Bridgton.

Cold Rain Pond-DIFW- Naples -186 acres, limited parking available in field at the  beginning of Tiger Hill Rd(Naples) to walk in to pond (1/2 mile) ground clearance an issue on the road. 3.2 miles