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Naples, Maine

Cupola Committee

Narrative-  The Town of Naples has received the donation of the original cupola which has been stored in several locations over the past 40 years.  The Select Board and the Community believe it is time to determine if the cupola should be relocated, renovated and utilized as a town landmark.  At the request of the Select Board, a Cupola Committee is being formed.  This document will identify the full mission or charge, levels of authority and reports as well as the existence of the Committee after the reports have been delivered. Advertisements and submittal of a formal town application to be considered as an appointee shall precede any formal appointment by the Select Board.

Charge and Mission:  The Committee shall conduct the following elements and submit a interim report to the Select Board no later than March 21, 2018 that reviews the key issues including but not limited to:

  • Evidence of ownership of the Cupola
  • Current condition of the infrastructure and roof
  • The analysis identifying possible display locations for the structure and the arguments, pro and con of each location including costs related to site preparations.
  • The best estimate of costs to move the structure to the site that includes any donations, service or labor and transportation charges and reconstructive costs once moved.
  • Other pertinent facts to consider.

The final report must be submitted to the Select Board no later than April 9, 2018 with a formal appropriation request to the Annual town meeting in June.  If the deadline is not met, any request for funds will need to go to the next regular or special town meeting.

Committee Make-Up:  A minimum of seven (7) members shall constitute the committee though the Select Board at its sole discretion may appoint up to 15 members to serve on the committee, who shall retain the voting rights on all formal issues for reporting. A quorum to conduct meetings shall consist of at least 60% (next full person) of those appointed.  The committee may also solicit volunteers who may work on issues as they are assigned by the committee but may not vote on any formal issues for reporting purposes.  

The Committee shall vote for their own chair, vice chair and secretary.  The latter shall retain a summary of all meetings, those who attended and any formal votes taken.  The formal summary is considered a public document and shall be turned over to the Select Board upon the sunsetting of the committee.

Removal from the Committee:  Any committee member absent for two consecutive or four accumulative meetings shall be removed from the committee by either the Chair or the Select Board.  The Committee Chair shall notify the Select Board within five (5) days of said action by the Committee or request the Select Board take action for the removal of a committee member.

Duration of the Committee:  Unless otherwise voted upon by the Select Board, the Cupola committee shall sunset and go out of existence upon the delivery of the final report to the Select Board.  It is not the intention of the Select Board to make the Cupola Committee a standing committee of the Town.

Limitations of the Committee:  The Committee shall serve without pay or reimbursement, has no authority to commit any resources of the Town of Naples nor enter into any agreements with any landowners, business, suppliers, vendors or consultants other than to obtain quotes and estimates related to the Charge above.  There shall be no residual benefits accruing to any committee members other than the satisfaction of service to their community.

The above outline was reviewed at the January 29, 2018 Selectboard meeting.


If you would like to volunteer to be a part of the Committee, please fill out this form.