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Naples, Maine

Naples Historical Society and Museum

The Naples Historical Society Museum and Information Center re-opened in June of 2012. The new building was completed in 2012. This building combined the Naples Information Center, The Historical Society Offices, and the Museum.

 If you are looking for information about the Town of Naples or the surrounding area, stop in and see us. We have public bathroom for your convenience. If you would like to have your business or attraction flyers and information in the information center, please call the Historical Society offices at 207-693-3500: Rack Fees apply. One hundred percent of these fees are used for the operation of the Historical Society, Information Center and Museum. You will get to display your flyers in our information racks, and coming soon, your business or attraction will be listed on our website as a Friend of the Museum and Information Center. We will also link your business or attraction's contact information and website.

 The Naples Museum is a must-see attraction during your visit to Naples.  Donations are greatly appreciated and go towards the continued operations of our museum and information center.  During your visit, pick up a souvenir on sale at the information center. Two of our most popular items are the book, Now I Will Tell You the History of Naples, by Bob Dingley and a decorative plate featuring Naples historical sites.